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CRC Training: Half & Full Marathon Program

TRAIN WITH CRC FOR 13.1 and 26.2

CRC is here to guide you as you chase your goals this season. Dream big and we'll provide the tools to help you as you train towards a half marathon or marathon. 

This free training program includes downloadable training schedules, weekly coaching emails, raffle prizes, and social run & walk options. It's our goal to make this challenge - training for a long distance race - as attainable for everyone as possible. Let's get moving! 



Sign up for the training season. Registering officially enters you into the program, adds you to the 4 months of weekly coaching emails, and enters you to potentially win prizes if you join us for in-person training sessions. Our 2024 winter season runs from January 6th through May 5th while our summer season runs from June 8th through October 20th. 

STEP 2: 

Download your training plan. The CRC training program includes half and full marathon training options. We have multiple levels of each plan available. 

STEP 3: 

Start training! We host group training sessions or you can train solo. Check out the further info on those sessions below, and come join us for the fun. Winter season training begins on Saturday, January 6th while summer season training begins on Saturday, June 8th. You can join us at any of the following CRC locations that day and each Saturday after: Dublin, Grove City, Pickerington, Short North, Westerville.


Want to learn more at an in-person gathering? Join us at one of our info sessions where we'll cover the basics of the training plans, the group runs & walks, racing, and more. 



The miles go by fast when you're in good company. While you're welcome to download a training program and follow it on your own, you're also welcome to join us for CRC's free group runs and walks at any time.  

CRC offers weekly runs and walks throughout central Ohio each week, focusing on weekend long mileage days, weekday speed workouts, and social pub runs. You can find the full schedule at

We get it. It's intimidating to come to your first social run or walk. Trust us, give it a shot. We do our best to watch for newcomers so that we can introduce you to others around your pace, helping you to find your tribe. Group runs and walks can be endless fun once you find that pace crew that clicks with you, and we're proud to say that there are participants who've shared miles with us for almost two decades. Take a chance and join us for some miles!




What paces and ability levels are in the group?

Every season, we have a mix of both beginners and experienced runners & walkers. Paces range across the board as well. Everyone is welcome.

How do I take part? 

Just download a training plan and sign up for weekly coaching emails. Those emails last for 4 months, providing you with guidance beyond the mileage plan. Optionally, you can join us for CRC's group runs and walks - or you can train on your own.  

And it's all completely free?  

Yep. The roads & paths are free and so is our training program. Our setup is simple, with an emphasis on creating a fun running & walking club culture.

How do the coaching emails work? 

When you sign up for our specific seasons, you'll receive weekly emails beginning about 4 months prior to race day. Coaching emails will include training and nutrition tips, race advice, weekly motivation, and more. 

How do the group trainings work? 

We host group runs & walks from every Columbus Running Company location, and you can find the full schedule here. Just show up a few minutes beforehand, sign in, and you're all set to go. Weʼll make a course announcement after gathering everyone together, and the run/walk will begin shortly after that. For our larger locations, the start of the group run is organized into pace corrals, similar to the start of a race. If youʼre looking to run 10 minute miles, simply line up alongside the sign for those 10 minute miles. Weʼll have maps available for each route. 

I'm nervous about group trainings.  What do you recommend?

Runners & walkers are a low-key, inviting group. We recommend that everyone give the group workouts three tries. The first time might feel a little overwhelming, as you learn the ropes, but the second time is much easier. By the third time, you'll be a pro. We hear a lot of people who worry about being the slowest participant out there. As beginners, we all started from that same point, and we'll have a big mix of abilities throughout the season. If you're willing to step outside of your comfort zone a bit and meet a lot of new people, we'll find others for you to share the miles with all season long.

I canʼt make it to every training session. Can I still take part in the group?

Of course. Join us when you can, and put in those solo miles when you canʼt. Weʼre here to help you prepare for that big race, one way or another. Some people register and do every mile on their own. Whatever works for you!

Is there a primary goal race?  What if Iʼm preparing for a race other than the groupʼs primary goal event?

From January through April, we primarily train towards Ohio's big spring races, from Cap City to the Flying Pig. From June through October, we focus on the Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Marathon & 1/2 Marathon. Many of the participants at our social training sessions will be focused on those events.  

That said, you can train for any race you'd like at any time, and we'll have participants racing throughout the year. Weʼd love for you to come share the miles with us, even if your weekly mileage doesnʼt match the groupʼs 100%. Thereʼs still strength in numbers, and the training group will pull you along.

Iʼve struggled with motivation in the past. What does CRC offer to help keep me going?

First off, a group dynamic helps a TON when it comes to keeping your motivation going. As you get to know others, peer pressure is going to keep you coming back. On top of that, weʼll be in touch via our coaching emails throughout your training season to keep you excited about coming out on weekend mornings to share the paths with us. We also host prize raffles, pub runs, and other programming to keep everyone engaged and excited for the season ahead. 

This all sounds super awesome. What do I need to do to get started?

Aww, thanks. Sign up and then lace up the shoes for the miles ahead.  Good luck.  


CRC's lead coach since 2004, Eric Fruth is on hand to guide you as you chase your goals this season. 

Eric is a USATF-certified coach. He has worked with runners and walkers from the beginner level up to Olympic Trials caliber, and he also directs CRC's youth running program, the Grasshoppers. In addition to his work as CRC's lead coach and co-owner, he has written for running publications ranging from Running Times to Competitor to RunOhio, providing tips for beginners or interviewing New York City marathon champs. He has coached countless first-time 5kers and has paced an 18 mile training run at 15 minutes/mile, while he has a 5k PR of 14:34 and has coached at the collegiate level - with such a varied background, he's excited to work with runners and walkers of all paces and has experience guiding individuals at every experience level.

Coach Eric and the staff at CRC coordinate group runs and walks, offer advice through the coaching emails, and are on hand to answer your questions at any time.





Free Shipping on Minimum Purchase of $30+
Hassle-Free Returns
Gear, Training Programs, & Races
Earn Frequent Buyer Credits