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Walk & Run 101: Beginner 5k Program

Chase your next big goal with Columbus Running Company and Walk & Run 101, a beginner 5k program


If you've ever dreamt of finishing that first 5K - whether it be at an organized race or just around your neighborhood - we're here to help you every step of the way. Or if you used to run or walk and it's time to make a comeback, come share some miles with us. Either way, let's get moving!



Walk & Run 101's virtual option is an 11 week training program designed to guide you through the training needed to finish a 5k. You'll be guided by coaching videos and emails - and even audio during your runs or walks. By using the RaceJoy app, our head coach will virtually be with you every mile along the way.

There are two options as you sign up for the 101 On My Time program; one for walkers and one for runners (starting off with a walk/run interval). As the weeks go by, you'll learn about form, nutrition, injury prevention, race etiquette, running/walking for the greater good, proper shoes, and a whole lot more.


Registration for Walk & Run 101 is $50. All registrants will receive:

  • An introductory email that is full of videos and tips to get you started
  • Weekly coaching emails which will include videos on subjects such as nutrition, stretching and warming up, form, etc. 
  • Eleven week 5K training schedule with three runs or walks each week
  • A coupon for entry into one CRC signature series 5K race (a $30+ value)
    • This include: Fantastic Frigid 5K, Choo Choo 5K, Big Bad Wolfe 5K, Leftover Run
  • A CRC tech shirt delivered to your home (a $30 value) 
  • Coach-led training through the free RaceJoy app
  • $10 gift card to Columbus Running Company
  • Optional access to one-on-one virtual coach calls (additional fees apply)

Do I have to sign up for a race?

- Nope. You have the option of choosing one of four Columbus Running Company 5K races (Fantastic Frigid 5K, Choo Choo 5k, Big Bad Wolfe 5K, Leftover 5K) as a part of your registration, but if you would rather work toward just finishing a 5k distance in a setting other than at a race, that is totally fine. You will be a winner either way!  

What if Iʼm preparing for a race other than the groupʼs primary goal event?

- Youʼre welcome to use the CRC training plan for any race of your choosing. Just remember that your Walk & Run 101 registration does include a coupon code for one of the races mentioned above. 

I'm nervous about using technology.  What do you recommend?

- Honestly, Coach Lisa here, I am not the best at technology, but we have created great tutorial videos to walk you through using the RaceJoy app. I have been able to figure it out; so really anyone should be able to if I can do it. Other than using RaceJoy, all you have to be able to do is open email. I think most of us are pros at that. But, if you have any problems, I am just one email away. 

Iʼve struggled with motivation in the past. What does CRC offer to help keep me going?

- You will receive an email every week that will provide you with tips and motivation to keep moving forward. Included in these emails will be videos from others in the walking and running community who will give you their advice and encouragement to keep going. 

What is RaceJoy?

-RaceJoy is an app that you can use as a participant in the Walk & Run 101 program. Through this app, you'll receive audio tips, encouragement, and updates during your runs or walks. You can still listen to your music or podcasts - our coaching advice will broadcast every now and then, as you need it. 

Do I have to use the RaceJoy app to complete this program?

-No, but it will really help keep you motivated and instruct you on how to take every step. We recommend using it. It is free to download and use! 

Do I have to run or walk with my phone?

- If you plan to use the RaceJoy app; yes. 

What sets Walk & Run 101 apart from other beginner programs?

- We have customized our program so that using the RaceJoy app you will get verbal cues that not only tell you when to walk or run, you will also receive encouragement and tips with many of the cues. Additionally, you will have access to videos from local walkers, runners, a physical therapist, and nutritionist in the weekly coaching emails. We believe you will find these emails and videos not only informative but also motivational to keep you on pace. Aside from the training, you will also receive a training shirt, coupon, and entrance into one of the CRC 5Ks mentioned above.  

This all sounds super awesome. What do I need to do to get started?

- Aww, thanks.  Register online here to join us and then lace up the shoes to join us every week from now until race weekend.  Good luck.


Further questions? Contact us at [email protected] 



Free Shipping on Minimum Purchase of $30+
Hassle-Free Returns
Gear, Training Programs, & Races
Earn Frequent Buyer Credits