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Spring Grasshoppers



Our spring season, like our fall season, is a more advanced program for kids looking to push themselves.  The spring team is open to young runners in grades 3-6, and we'll be racing a schedule of 5k road races - with a track meet in the mix and the optional AEP Ohio Columbus 10k as our grand finale.  This season is suited for experienced runners and kids must already be capable of running 2 miles in order to take part.  We host one spring location, bringing kids together from the area for a fun, competitive season with a focus on racing.

  • What: Spring Grasshoppers
  • When: March-June, 2022 (full schedule in handbook here)
  • Grades: Current 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders
  • Level: Experienced youth runners (capable of running 2 miles on day 1)
  • Location: One location, practicing from Highbanks MetroPark (our spring goal is to bring kids together from across central Ohio for one competitive-focused team)
  • Price: $155 for early registrations, $165 for registrations from March 6-16 (need-based scholarships are available - click here for info)
  • Perks: Club members receive membership in the RRCA, entry into all Grasshopper races, a racing singlet, a Grasshoppers shirt, a season of fun with a season-completion medal, and an awards party.  We'll also be sending out weekly coaching emails to compliment everything that takes place at our practices and races.
  • Learn More: Join us for an info session at 6:30pm on Thursday, February 17th at the Dublin CRC (6465 Perimeter Drive). RSVP for the info session at



Our handbook contains all info for the in-person season, including our schedule, rules, and more.  Click here to access the 2022 club handbook.

Before getting into the frequently asked questions, please be sure to read through our annual club handbook.  This handbook lays out most details and includes our schedule, location info, and more.  

  • Q: What is the club expectation for kids who take part? 
  • A: More than anything, we want kids who want to run.  This isn't a sport that can be forced.  Our summer season is ideal for any kids who are first getting started, but our spring and fall seasons are suited to kids who have experience with a running program and who have run 2 miles continuously.
  • Q: Why one location during the spring? 
  • A: Our summer program is broad-based, and we host locations throughout central Ohio.  During the spring and fall, our program becomes more specifically focused.  As that focus sharpens and we move into our competitive seasons, we consolidate our attention to one location.  
  • Q: What races will you be running? 
  • A: Traditionally, the spring team takes part in road races in the area.  As spring races rebound from two disrupted years, we're still waiting to confirm our exact 2022 racing schedule.  We expect to take part in several road race 5ks and likely one track meet.  Our final event will be the AEP Ohio Columbus 10k on June 5.  This race is optional, as we view the 10k distance as the "marathon" challenge for this age group.
  • Q: My child takes part in other sports and/or has conflicting commitments.  How flexible is the club with this?
  • A: Kids at this age should experiment with a variety of sports and activities.  We're flexible with busy schedules, and we'll provide coaching plans for kids who have to miss practices with the Grasshoppers. 
  • Q: How competitive is the spring club?
  • A: The level of competition is up to the individual.  We'll have highly competitive kids who are here to push themselves and win races.  We'll have kids who are motivated by fitness or social goals too.  The beauty of our sport is how inclusive it is.  We do ask that all participants push themselves to reach our training and racing distance goals.  We will be honoring our MVPs, most improved runners, and our mental attitude winners at the end of the season, placing a premium on improvement and team-oriented attitudes. 

Further questions?  Contact us at [email protected]

Free Shipping on Minimum Purchase of $30+
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