Grasshoppers Uganda Project

The Grasshoppers Uganda Project is a collaboration between CRC, incredible volunteers led by Krista Seibert, and our friends in and from Uganda.  The Project provides school funding for young girls while empowering them through education and athletics.  Learn more here and get involved as we spread CRC's Grasshopper program beyond Ohio.

Pictured: Winnie, Sheira, Goldina, Ruth, and Monica with Grasshoppers Uganda Project's Krista Seibert

The Grasshoppers Uganda Project supports the academic and athletic growth of young girls in Bukomero UG by providing opportunity through education and sports, allowing for female empowerment, future stability, and self-sustainability.

We fundraise in order to cover the cost of schooling for the young girls within the program.  Why the emphasis on female-focused education?  Read our deeper story here.  

  1. Contribute towards the reduction of poverty among community members through empowerment
  2. Support and encourage youth to make positive choices and develop self esteem
  3. Offset early marriage and pregnancy 
  4. Provide knowledge to girls/women of their worth and value through education and sports
  5. Provide education, giving girls and families hope and opportunities
  6. Provide a community sports arena where the locals can come together for games/tournaments
  7. Fitness improvement from participating in athletic activities  

There are two primary ways to get involved and to contribute to the Grasshoppers Uganda Project: 

  1. Sponsor a child individually or as a group. It costs around $1,500 a year for education in Bukomero (books, uniform, tuition, bedding, mattress, food, toiletries). You can contribute any amount towards offsetting this cost for one of the girls in the program. In exchange, you can be connected via letters, email, and photos, seeing your contribution in action. 
  2. Volunteer. If you would like to visit, serve, and interact with the community, contact Krista Seibert for more info.

Pictured from the initial trip to Uganda in 2019: (left to right): Krista Seibert, Livingstone Kyeyune, Dr Solomon Ssenyange, Brynne Dieterle

Dr. Solomon Ssenyange

Dr. Solomon Ssenyange was born in Uganda. During the time of despot Idi Amin Dada, Solomon’s mother fled to a refugee camp in another developing country, Kenya. Nine years later, the family moved to Winnipeg in Canada, when a local church agreed to sponsor them. Solomon was 14 by then. Solomon remained in Canada for 14 years, completing high school before earning a bachelor’s degree and a doctorate in analytical chemistry from the University of Alberta. He completed his post-doctoral studies at The Ohio State University.

While in Columbus, Solomon trained as a marathon runner and honed his skills with the team at CRC from 2004-2006. He has since taken his passion for running and is involved in this project by helping children in Uganda with their running endeavors as well as their education.

Livingstone Kyeyune

Livingstone was born, raised, and educated in Uganda. He studied environmental science, development, and practical skills in college. Since 2009, he has been involved in activities to enhance the quality of life for children and rural families in his home country

"I really feel joy when I see people's smiles due to my contribution, and that pushed me into becoming a humanitarian activist," he says. Livingstone saw the need for a place where women and youth in Bukomero could go to gain empowerment. With direction from the people of Bukomero, he developed a plan, focused on education. He believes that skill development and knowledge are the keys to open the doors of opportunity, alleviating poverty.

Krista Seibert and Brynne Dieterle

The first team from Ohio to visit the school in Bukomero included Krista Seibert and Brynne Dieterle.  

Krista has been the driving force behind CRC's involvement in Uganda, linking us up with our old friend Sol Ssenyange and then leading the initial trip to donate shoes and clothing in Bukomero. 

All contributions to the Grasshoppers Uganda Project are run through the CRC Charity Fund, a 501c3 organization that evolved from our mission to benefit both the running and local communities.  CRC takes no payment from the CRC Charity Fund donations.  100% of donations, minus credit card fees, are passed along to cover expenses for the families enrolled in the program in Uganda.