Train With CRC

At the Columbus Running Company, we believe in pushing to achieve our personal bests. To help you reach your best, we’re proud to offer a variety of training options. Whether you’re 9 or 90, a walker or runner, or a beginner or highly experienced, we’ve got the group to help you achieve your goals.

Beginner 5k: Walk & Run 101

Our Walk & Run: 101 is a two month program designed to build you up to your first 5k. We cover all the basics to jumpstart your walking or running routine. Participants will receive a 5k training plan as part of their package, and Walk & Run: 101 members then take part as a group in a 5k at the end of the season.  

Charity Training: Love2Reach (L2R)

Members of L2R have big hearts as this is CRC’s charity training group. Our coaches are on hand to help both walkers and runners as they prepare for a specific race. Along the way, participants raise funds for a local charity, helping to make a difference right here in central Ohio.

Quarter, Half, & Full Marathon: CRC Training

Finishing a long distance race is a major goal, and we're here to help. This training group is ideal for both beginners and experienced runners and walkers. The program provides participants with a training plan, group workouts, weekly coaching emails, and plenty of motivation for the miles ahead. Best of all, our general training program is free and open to anyone!

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The Next Level of Your Running: Advanced Training

For those who want to turn the volume up on their training, CRC Advanced Training is for you. This program is tailored towards the Boston Marathon qualifiers of the world, the runners chasing ever faster 5k times, and those looking to push the envelope in terms of speed work, mileage, and ever-evolving competitive goals. Led by a three-time Olympic Trials qualifier, this program is ideal for that experienced, advanced runner looking for a new challenge.  

Local Elites: CRC Elite

The CRC Elite includes those individuals who train exceptionally hard to achieve their goals and have hit the standards set by the Columbus Running Company. We hope to provide the camaraderie of new training partners and offset the cost of running a few thousand miles a year. As a sponsored athlete, we offer free and/or discounted equipment, race entries, USATF membership, and in some cases travel expenses. We are also a club member of USATF-Ohio.  

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Middle & High Schools: XC Camps

Champions are made in the summer. CRC offers cross country camp options for both middle school and high school runners, with a focus on building the foundations for future success. Train hard and train smart, the CRC way.

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Youth: Grasshoppers

The Grasshoppers is our youth running club. We keep the focus on fun, and each practice is a mix of running, active games, and more. Kids in the club get a singlet to race in, entry into select events, and a post-season party to celebrate all those miles. We host club locations throughout central Ohio.

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