Map: Westerville North Route

This map leads you from the Westerville CRC to the bike path, heading north.  

Written directions:

  1. From the shop head north for, literally, about 20 feet and immediately take a right onto Home Road. 
  2. After about a quarter mile you will run into the bike path.  Take a left (north) onto the bike path. Follow the path north.
  3. At around 1.75 miles, the path forks in three directions.  Take the right-most fork until the crosswalk at McCorkle Blvd.  Cross McCorkle, then immediately take a left to cross Maxtown.
  4. After crossing Maxtown, take a right and follow the bike path.  It will turn left and curve around and behind the Home Depot.
  5. Before the crosswalk at State Street, you will turn right to cross the street and remain on the bike path heading north.  You will pass behind Yabo’s Tacos on your left and a UDF. 
  6. The bike path will turn you left to cross through the UDF parking lot, and then immediately right.  Now you head north with almost no twists or turns in the road.
  7. Keep following the trail north from there!