Map: Sharon Woods Route

This map leads you from the Westerville CRC to Sharon Woods Metro Park.  

Written directions:

  1. From the shop, head south on State Street for one block until you come to Main Street. 
  2. Take a right onto Main Street all the way to the bottom of a fairly substantial hill.  Alum Creek Park will be on your left.
  3. After passing the park you will cross a bridge—and immediately after hang a left onto the Alum Creek Bike Path.
  4. After about 1.5 miles, take a right off the bike path and cross over Cooper Road.
  5. Here, follow the path as it winds around St Ann's Hospital. 
  6. Once past the hospital, you'll cut across Cleveland Avenue into Sharon Woods Metro Park.
  7. In the park, there’s a paved path around the perimeter of the wooded section.  Turn left shortly after entering the park and follow the path to get on the loop.  From there, run the loop.