Map: North Olentangy Trail

This map leads you from the Short North CRC to the Olentangy Trail. From there, you head north for a riverfront out-and-back. 

Written directions:

This route begins at the CRC in the Short North, at 765 N High Street.  It follows High Street to Third, and the rest of the route is completed on the Olentangy Trail.

  1. From the shop, head north on High Street for a half mile.  We stay on the sidewalks for our downtown routes until we reach the Olentangy Trail.
  2. Turn left on 3rd Avenue.  
  3. Follow 3rd until you reach the Olentangy River, about 1.2 miles into the route.  At the river, turn right to get onto the Olentangy Trail. 
  4. The Olentangy Trail can take you as far as 13 miles out, so follow the trail for the remainder of your route.