Map: Blacklick Metro Park

This map leads you from the Pickerington CRC into Blacklick Metro Park.  

Written directions:

  1. Head north out of the parking lot onto Stonecreek Road, and turn right onto Stonecreek.  Stay on the lefthand side of Stonecreek for 1.3 miles.
  2. Cross Hill Road (256), turn right, and go north on the sidewalk, against traffic.  
  3. Turn left into the shopping plaza by the Speedway, cross the shopping plaza and exit it to the right of Goodwill.
  4. When you exit the Speedway shopping center, turn left on the trail that runs along Tussing Road.  You’ll cross Blacklick Creek on the sidewalk of a small bridge.
  5. After the bridge, you’ll see the Blacklick Greenway Trail 0.1 miles ahead.  Hop onto the trail, curve left, and run under Tussing Road, alongside the river.
  6. Run under I-70 and into Blacklick Metro Park.  As you enter the park, turn left at the T.
  7. There is a water fountain on the trail at the 3 mile mark and a bathroom facility off of the trail at 3.2 miles.  There is another bathroom and water fountain at 4.5 miles.
  8. When you leave the park, turn right on Livingston Avenue.  Follow this past the 5 mile mark, and then curve right to run along the creek beneath Livingston.
  9. After that, just follow the path up to Huber Park.  The final mile marked is the 6.5 mile, making this route good for up to 13 miles.