Evening Street Harriers: CRC Corner

Youth Running Tips for Families in the Evening Street Harrier Program

As a parent, it's exciting to see your child dive into the sport of running - but it's common to have a TON of questions about youth running.  We're here to help.  Below, you'll find a series of downloadable pdf guides.  Each covers a different topic specific to your child's new sport.  If you have further questions beyond this, please reach out to us at info@columbusrunning.com, and we're always glad to help.
  • Getting Started with Youth Running
  • Running Shoes
  • How to Dress for Different Conditions
  • Youth Racing 
  • The Importance of Recovery 

Runner's World has a great article on children running long distance, and we recommend that all parents of youth runners read this one here.  

For any children looking for a summer running experience, the Columbus Running Company's Grasshoppers program hosts training runs and races throughout June and July each year.  You can find full details on the Grasshopper program here.  

The Evening Street Harriers is an elementary school running club run out of Evening Street Elementary in Worthington.  Their mission is to give the young runner an opportunity to learn more about and enhance their enjoyment of running.  For full information on the Evening Street Harriers club, visit them here