Self Defense Clinic

Join us this spring for a free self defense clinic, led by local MMA fighter Chelsea LaGrasse. 

These clinics are an introduction into self defense, focusing on how to be more aware of your surroundings while teaching you some simple skills that can help you get to safety and protect yourself if you are ever attacked.  Chelsea's self defense training is based on martial arts along with simple techniques that everyone can easily apply.  These clinics are for all levels, ages, and genders.


    ABOUT OUR CLINICIAN: Chelsea LaGrasse is a professional MMA fighter and certified personal trainer/nutrition coach. She's been a personal trainer for 8 years and has been training martial arts for 5 years. Her martial arts background is in muay thai, jiu jitsu, wrestling, boxing, and judo. She trains martial arts at Ronin Training Center and Triumph BJJ in Columbus, Ohio. 
    She teaches self defense, boxing, and one on one personal training online and at her studio in Carroll, Ohio. Chelsea has taught self defense all over including sororities, schools, gyms, running clubs, and realty companies. She believes everyone should have basic skills to protect themselves from attacks and is passionate about passing her knowledge on to others. 
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