CRC A.T. Racing

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Members of the CRC Advanced Training program put in the miles so that they can race at their best.  Over the course of the year, we challenge training program members to step up to the starting line to test themselves against one another.  When one member runs fast, it pulls all of us along to better finish times and PRs.  Let's race. 


At each of the listed races, we'll have a meet-up spot for members to gather beforehand for a group warmup.  


During the races listed above, we'll be scoring our CRC A.T. members as teams.

  • The top 10 CRC A.T. members to finish will be scored.  Men and women will be scored separately.  
  • 1st place amongst CRC A.T. finishers earns 10 points for your team.  2nd place earns 9 points, 3rd earns 8 points, etc...  The 10th place finisher earns 1 point for their team.
  • The team with the highest point total wins the day.