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In order to achieve your goals, you have to do the work.  Just blindly putting in the miles doesn't get you results, though.  You have to stick to a plan if you want to maximize your training.  That's where CRC Advanced Training comes in.  


Members of the CRC A.T. program receive access to 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon training plans. Each plan is available at two different intensity levels, and we provide the tools you need to adjust these plans to your own fitness level. Advanced Training plans are focused on building both endurance and speed, so speed work is a major component of the program.


Jim Jurcevich: A runner's resume is all about numbers, and Jim's numbers are impressive. 13:57. That's his 5k PR. 2:14:28. That's his marathon best. 6th. That's his best place finish from the three times he raced at the Olympic Trials. As a coach within the CRC A.T. program, Jim is excited to put his running experiences to use as a resource to help you drop your own times.  

Evan Schwartz: O-H... Evan is a former Buckeye track and cross country athlete who now focuses primarily on road racing. As a leader within the CRC Elite team of sponsored runners, Evan is consistently a top finisher in Ohio road races. Throughout the training year, CRC A.T. members will receive coaching emails, and Evan will be your primary guide through the miles ahead.


If you're looking for others to train with, we've got options. All CRC A.T. participants are invited to take part in our CRC group runs, which include Saturday morning runs and weekday evening speed workouts. You can find the full schedule of these runs here. For those who can maintain a 7:30 minute/mile pace and faster, we also open up our CRC Elite group runs for you. These take place on a rotating list of locations each Sunday, and you can find the weekly schedule for these here.