CRC A.T. Teams

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Personalized Coaching

We run our best when we're pushed by others. With that idea in mind, CRC Advanced Training is designed to provide competitive-minded local runners with training partners. Log your miles together, race together, and celebrate together. Let's chase those goals as a group. 


As you sign up for the CRC A.T. program, members select a CRC location to represent as their home team. Whether you choose Dublin, Pickerington, the Short North, or Westerville, you'll have the option to link up with teammates for training and racing. Together, you'll achieve more. 

Running is a unique sport. The better your competition does, the better you do as you push one another to higher levels. With that in mind, we view all members of CRC A.T. as being part of one big team - but it adds another level of fun when we mix it up and the four groups race one another for bragging rights. 


You'll receive a custom sublimated racing singlet as part of your registration with CRC A.T.  Wear it with pride! Each of the four teams within the program will have a different singlet to help you identify teammates on race day - and so you can eye the competition, too.

The unique singlet styles for the four locations are coming soon!