Columbus Running Company updates amid COVID-19

Community.  It's the cornerstone of everything the CRC does.  Yes, we are a retail shop - but we've always gone far beyond the walls of our retail space.  Obviously our community is experiencing a unique challenge.  Out of abundance of caution the CRC is taking steps over the next three weeks to help our community tackle this problem and come back quickly and stronger than ever. Below, we'll breakdown all the changes and updates you'll see from CRC over the next few weeks. 
  • Saturday Mornings & Run 101 - On pause. Will tentatively resume the 28th.
  • Books and Brooks AT Run, March 23rd - Postponed, new date TBD!
  • Weekday Speed Sessions - On pause, will resume the week of the 29th. 
  • Grasshoppers - Moved to solo practice until the week of April 6th. 
For all those in ANY of our youth or adult training programs, we will continue our usual coaching and advice emails - fresh with tips on how to elbow bump and make whiffing on high fives cool!  
The individual charities and organizations we work with to put on upcoming events are all following updates and making decisions as to how to proceed with their event.  These events have a lot of moving parts - such as city and park permits and participant swag.  They, along with the CRC, are doing their best to navigate these difficult decisions. If you are registered to participate in one of the following events, please follow the link for further info:
Our stores will be open for business as usual.  We'll be focusing on helping our runners and walkers one person at a time.  We are taking full precautions within our space.  A clean, disinfected space is top priority, and our staff will regularly be washing hands and taking precautions.  No doubt this will be a tough time for CRC and retail in general.  We still encourage you to visit our stores - but keep the coughs away! 
This is also a great opportunity to remind you of our incredible same day/next day delivery.  If you need something and don't want to make the trek into a store, please consider visiting our online store or give us a call for advice.   
Yes, our group runs are outside and small enough to be allowed under recent government restrictions.  With that said, we've been sorting through all the information and feasible advice we could get our hands on.  COVID-19 isn't going away anytime soon.  However, limiting exposure can greatly slow the spread and keep it manageable for the future.  It is our hopes that if we bite the bullet for two to three weeks now, we will be able to resume normal activities - with a few more fist bumps and peace signs rather than high fives - sooner rather than later.  That's all we want in the end.  We love our community, especially when it comes to running and walking!
GO FOR A RUN OR A WALK!  It may be easy to get wrapped up, holed up, and consumed by all the news and changes happening right now.  We can promise you one thing.  Getting out for a run or walk will help clear your mind, slow things down, take some deep breaths and make you feel better.  Get those endorphins working in your favor.  As a bonus, outside the air is getting warmer and things are starting to bloom.  It's all a nice reminder that the world will continue to go on and we'll get through this.  
We hope to see you out on the local paths and in our stores - if so we'll have a high five whiff coming your way.  
The Columbus Running Company team