Saturday, July 14 from 9am-6pm

As the Columbus Running Company turns 14, we're hosting our biggest anniversary sale ever.  The 14th anniversary gift is elephant themed* so we're celebrating with a massive elephant sized CRC Anniversary Sale just for you.  Hope you're ready for the big one because you're invited for the best deals of the summer.    

On Saturday, you can expect:

  • Select, previous model shoes will be marked way, way down.
  • We mean it.  We're celebrating 14 years.  How about a few $14 pairs of those previous model shoes in the mix?!
  • Discounts on apparel, accessories, and more.
  • Discounted inventory from all four CRC locations will be consolidated at the Dublin CRC to give you the most options under one roof.
  • Earn yourself a limited edition Saucony + HOMAGE collaboration tee with the full priced purchase of any current Saucony trainer or cross country spike.

The day begins as always with our 8am group run, and then the shop opens to the general public beginning at 9am.  Get the best deals of the season to prepare yourself for the perfect spring! 

Don't forget to line up with us at 5pm for the Mile Dash too!  Our annual one mile road race is the perfect way to put your new gear to use.  See you at the starting line. 

Saturday, July 14th from 9am-6pm
Dublin CRC Only 
*This is for those of you who saw the asterisk above and thought to yourself, "Gee, I would like to know more about this fascinating concept of the 14th anniversary gift."  Well, you're in luck!  According to Professor Google, the "elephant themed" nature of the 14th anniversary is a new twist on the traditional gift of ivory.  We think that the trade of ivory stinks, so we're going with the new wave version of the 14th anniversary.  **We would also be up for celebrating the traditional "ivory" anniversary via the 1982 #1 hit single Ebony & Ivory by Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney.  Here's a link so that you can enjoy Stevie and Paul at their most 80s-est