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Let's Get Graphic

This spring the Columbus Running Co. has launched a new line of graphic inspired tees, tanks, and even the never-before-seen at a CRC crop hoodies!  Designs are created locally and inspired by our running community and places we run and walk.  We've greatly expanded our cuts and styles, especially on the women's side.  Some of the fabrics are meant for running.  Others are meant for a relaxing lounge or trip about town - because you can't run all the time.  Just like in life, we aim for balance. 

Our tech fabrics are generally from the brands you've come to know at the CRC - Brooks, Diadora, New Balance, Saucony, etc.  Our casual fabrics will be a mix of cotton, poly, and other fabrics.  The end results are soft, comfortable pieces that you can run in or just wear for a long time!  Let's hit a few popular styles to get you started.  

First off, stake your domain.  Where you run is a piece of who you are!  Those of us that know the Olentangy Trail have seen the bikers, dog walkers, rollerblades, jugglers - you name it.  However let's face it, the Olentangy is for Runners. 




Then there are those of you who generally hang out on the East side.  Like to run long.  Maybe from Westerville to Groveport.  You got your own river just like the Olentangy crew, but with a few more bridges to cross over it from time to time.  The Alum Creek Trail is where it's at. 


The local pride doesn't end there.  For us Ohioans it swells into an entire state.  Let's Run Ohio. 


Now for all of us here in central Ohio and at the Columbus Running Co - we are all one big family.  Like a family tradition, on occasion we all get together.  We all support the same sports team or come together for a big race like the Columbus 10k or Columbus Marathon.  However afterwards we generally head back home to our own neighborhoods where we put in the most miles.  We've got pride in each of our spots, our own little star on the map that represents home.  Now you too can let people know where your star is with these Star Tee's representing each of the five CRC's around town.  Dublin, Pickerington, Westerville, Short North, and Powell! 






Speaking of each of the CRC's - we'll be opening group runs again soon at each of our locations.  In preparation, let's review the #1 rule at CRC Group Run.  Always buddy up for at least the first mile!  Group Runs are always best when done with others.  Everyone is included always.  Lets Run Together!  Remind people with this Men's T and Women's Tank. 


With all these new styles, we can't forget the old.  Respect our roots.  We at the Columbus Running Co. have our own humble beginnings.  Before Columbus helped us grow into what we are today, we were just an empty store in Dublin with a hard to read logo.  Do you remember?  It's ok if you don't.  Pretend like you do with these men's and women's throwback tees.  


If we could turn back time to the early days of the CRC - we would've included 'Walking' in our name as well - because we certainly see a lot of walkers in the store and we love it.  We all need the best shoes and gear. CRWC?  It's never too late though to add clean looking graphic T for the walking crowd.  Walk more!


Enough with looking back in time - if you only want the new - we'll always have a current Columbus Running Company logo ready for you to wear.  


Lastly, we'll always take requests and do our best to meet them.  Recently one person hit us up just dying for something that CRC has never had before - a crop top sweatshirt!  We aim to please.  Super soft and cozy, and just enough crop for the best of tops. 

Looking for the latest in shorts, tech tees, spring gear, and official Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Marathon apparel?  Check out CRC's full apparel lineups as well: 


Have other ideas for our collection?  Don't be afraid to reach out and shoot us an email at [email protected]  Thanks!




Free Shipping on Minimum Purchase of $30+
Hassle-Free Returns
Gear, Training Programs, & Races
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