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CRC Personalized Coaching: Athlete Success Stories

CRC Personalized Coaching: Athlete Success Stories

"A goal without a plan is just a dream." We see that quote pop up on so many runner Instagram accounts, and we couldn't agree more. To succeed as a runner, and to reach your loftiest goals, it takes a plan.

A great plan.

That's where a coach comes in. A coach can motivate a runner who needs that extra push. A coach can rein in a type A runner who tends to run himself into the ground. A coach can map out a season, pointing a runner towards a peak performance on the day when it all counts the most.  

A great coach knows how to turn a string of ordinary training runs into an extraordinary race day.  

Chad Myers has been coaching at every level of this sport, from leading the Ohio State women's cross country team to coaching his son's youth run club. For the past year, he's been coaching central Ohio runners of all levels through CRC's Personalized Coaching program.  

If you're dreaming of a big goal, Coach Myers is here to help guide you to the peak. Check out what some of his recent coached runners had to say:


“After running a handful of half marathons, I felt like I was mentally ready to go all-in to run a full. Being a fan of destination races, I had initially thought I'd opt for a slow/steady downhill race for my first full. However, after reviewing the full marathon course for the San Francisco Marathon (my fave city!), I knew I had to at least attempt it---hills and all! It just had too many scenic areas to pass up!

I remember walking into CRC one Friday night and telling Evan my plan. I thought, "He's gonna think I'm crazy!" But it was the total opposite. He was so supportive and reviewed the course with me. I remember him saying, "Oh yeah! You can definitely do this!" It got me so excited! 

One of my questions for Evan that night was if CRC offered any type of one-on-one running coach program. I am rare in that I do not like running in groups so I wanted to do my own thing one-on-one (plus how many other people in Columbus had the same goal as me wanting a first time marathon in SF!). Evan told me about Chad and pulled up the CRC website. I was sold!

I went and signed up for the Ultimate Plan, because, let's be honest, I needed all the help I could get! Chad sent me an email quickly after I signed up. We had a call where I explained my goals to him, some recent injuries, and we started on a plan. 

The plan was roughly four months total and Chad was so instrumental in supporting me throughout my marathon journey. From knowing when to hold back (in those early injury stages), to recommending a nearby doctor/therapist office I could go to (which also ended up being a big help!), to giving guidance on nutrition as we got into those high mileage weeks.  I  feel like I was constantly bothering Chad! :) But he was always super quick to respond and gave expert advice. I am happy to say that I was able to successfully run my first full marathon in the beautiful city of San Francisco on July 29, 2018! I can honestly say that I couldn't have done it without Chad's help as well as the added support of the guys at the Short North CRC!” 



“I contacted CRC and Chad because I was running 60-70 miles a week and I no longer wanted to do that. I was getting slower instead of faster and I decided I needed to train smarter and it was time to give my training to someone else.

First off, all my friends laughed at this because I’m a pretty stubborn person, but I knew something had to give. I had never cross trained, never incorporated speed work into my training, so this was all new to me. I always went out every day and ran 8-10 miles and usually longer on the weekends; I didn’t really put much thought into speed or pushing myself; I just ran.

Chad incorporated intervals, speed and long runs each week to make sure I was getting the variety of runs that I needed to take get faster. I cross trained twice a week. It was interesting because I was only running 6 miles each day but I was pushing myself so hard each day that it felt like I was running twice as much.

The hardest day was the interval/speed days and each week I was getting faster; which meant every other day I was getting faster. The concept of miles versus distance versus speed was continuously a topic of conversation with us. I was amazed at how tired I was running 6 miles a day at such a faster pace compared to running 10 miles every day at a leisurely pace and I had so much extra time on my hands.

In the beginning we had a goal pace and Chad had this little sentence on my spreadsheet that said that he bet it would be even faster than that. Each month that would be copied over to the next training cycle and it always stuck in my head that he really thought I could get there. I really did not have a clue to what I was doing with any of this, honestly, for 20 years, I just ran marathons at a pretty ok pace. Now that I’ve been working with Chad and I understand what I can really do, it’s exciting each day to push myself. I am not a big race person, I just like to train and like a training plan. I use Chad’s coaching to keep pushing myself and to keep myself motivated. His feedback has helped me become a better runner and get in overall better shape.”


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Free Shipping on Minimum Purchase of $30+
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Gear, Training Programs, & Races