Talking Track with Rachel: Carina Napoleon


Freshmen are supposed to be intimidated to rub elbows with upperclassmenbut someone forgot to tell freshman superstar Carina Napoleon about that. The middle distance racer recently finished 4th at the indoor state meet in the 800m with a time of 2:14. As a relay racer and an individual participant, she tore up the indoor scene and even qualified for the New Balance Indoor Nationals. We caught up with her as she preps for her freshman outdoor track season. 

CRC: What are your goals for outdoor? 

Carina: I would like to get under a 4:55 in the 1600 and into the 2:10 for 800 along with qualifying for states and nationals.

CRC: What is one of your favorite track and field memories? 

CarinaI would say going to NYC and getting to run at nationals against some amazing freshmen from the U.S. has been my favorite moment so far. 

CRC: What is something that is a silly tradition that you and your teammates have?

Carina: So before races, during our warmup, we will bring a speaker and just sing and dance while running so that we are not in too much of a serious mood as we are going to the line.

CRC: What is your favorite pump up song to listen to before a meet?

Carina: "Glorious" by Macklemore is probably my go to pre-race song! It's got a good beat and is motivational!

CRC: Do you have any favorite nicknames that your teammates call you?

Carina: Haha yes! One girl on my team calls me “blurred lines” because my legs are long and very white! 

CRC: How did you get started with track?

Carina: So I started running in general to burn off energy. I have ADHD and this can sometimes make me go kinda crazy and so running was my way to burn off some steam! I ran my first 5k and that was when I was maybe 4. After that, my family realized that I was a good runner and then I ran in the Worthington Youth Busters track. Ever since then I have loved the sport.

Thanks for the great interview, Carina. Good luck this outdoor season!


About Rachel Weber: Rachel ran locally for Dublin Coffman and then for the Ohio State Buckeyes. Her personal bests are 1:28.11 (600m), 2:02.67 (800m), 4:21 (1500m), 4:47 (road mile), 16:29 (5k). She was a 2017 indoor track Second Team All American and outdoor track Second Team All American for Ohio State in the 800m. She has qualified for USATF outdoor nationals in the 800m (2017) and USATF indoor nationals in the 800m (2018). She is a two-time Big Ten meet runner-up and a Fellowship of Christian Athletes Female Athlete of the Year. Her long-term goals are to test her strength at the 1500m and to be a national champion. (Dream big!) She is coached by three-time USATF national champion Rob Myers, a fellow OSU alum and former member of Team USA at the IAAF World Track Championships.