Rabbit Apparel Hits Home for the CRC

Apparel Rabbit

At the Columbus Running Company, we scour the running landscape to bring the best apparel to your backyard. Our newest and most surprising find is Rabbit, a new apparel brand started by runners out the back of a local running store, much like the one we built here. At Rabbit, they share the love for running that we do and for many of the same reasons. It's reflected in their clothing. At the CRC, Rabbit hits home.

We were first attracted to the brand's simplicity. The line isn't extensive, but Rabbit has their reasons for that. Straight from the rabbit's mouth, they explain:

"A few years back, we got tired. Tired of shirts that were so long we felt like we were running in a dress, shorts that were so complicated we needed an instruction manual to get them on, and gear that just wasn't made for running, like see-through yoga leggings. We set out to change how we run by building the products we actually want to run in. We believe there's a way to make running apparel for everyone that's light on hype, while still delivering serious function, style, and simplicity. So we created Rabbit."

The men's Welcome to the Gun Show singlet has an airy, wicking fabric subtly laced with the brand's rabbit logo, as if it's channeling your own inner rabbit speed. Rabbit calls it 'rabbitMESH'. Now, most of our guns here at the running shop look like they go "pew pew pew" rather than "boom boom boom," but the singlet will make any runner feel bad-ass.

The ladies singlet, aptly named Bunny Hop, has a similar pattern yet slightly sleeker look. Rabbit brought some flair to this popular singlet by adding the names of some of their favorite elite runners on the front of the tank. With those names as motivation, you'll be inspired every step of your journey.

Rabbit's short sleeve and long sleeve options marry two different types of fabric. Both the men's Speed Sleeves and women's Tee Amo blend the aforementioned airy rabbitMESH with a soft, slightly thicker wicking material. Smooth and soft, the contrasting fabric creates a functional and stylish look that is clean and simple.


They extend that similar look and blend into their women's capris, the Conejo. While the Conejo comes at a higher price than most of the other lines, the subtle touches make it a highlight piece. Hidden pockets in the waist band. A zippered pocket in the back. A locking zipper and small zipper pocket keeps it hidden. rabbitMESH where you'd want it most.  

What about the legs on all the men here? Allow me to introduce you to the Daisy Dukes. (I guess Rabbit figures if you are comfortable enough letting your legs rip some turnover in a 3.5" inseam short, then you'd be comfortable enough with the name.) The outer fabric is light and airy, a hidden zippered pocket adds storage, and a rabbitMESH liner keeps everything in place. As a bonus, the block paneling style gives an edge to the look that rivals the subtle rabbitMESH.


Lastly, when we say that Rabbit hits home, we mean it a bit literally as well. It's made right here in the USA. While California isn't exactly right in our backyard, it is refreshing to see a product like this being manufactured at home where we can have easier access to it.

We encourage you to take a look at the selection of Rabbit in our shops and online store. We expect more great things from our next shipment of Rabbit due in this April, which will include more styles for both men and women. Rabbit says it well: "Get ready America, we are running for you."

* * * *

Matt DeLeon is a co-owner of the Columbus Running Company. He enjoys running in man capris (or manpris) and encourages you to do the same.

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