New Shoe Review: Wave Horizon from Mizuno

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Come closer...closer...gaze into the crystal ball. I can see a new shoe for you on the horizon. Which shoe? Why, it's the aptly named Mizuno Wave Horizon! If you've worn Mizuno's Wave Inspire and would like even more cushioning for longer runs, then the Wave Horizon will be a welcome addition to your shoe rotation.

The Details

The Horizon features some new technology from Mizuno. Starting from the base and working our way up, the Horizon has a new fan-shaped wave of plastic in the heel. This configuration of plastic allows for a lightweight and firm feeling support system, which is perfect for controlling excessive overpronation.

The cushioning features Mizuno's U4ic (pronounced euphoric) and U4icX foam that propels you forward and absorbs shock. The shoe's outsole is made with X10, which is a carbon rubber (fancy, right?) that makes for a more durable shoe.

The first thing I noticed about the Wave Horizon is how comfortable the upper material (specifically the toe box) fit to my foot. When Mizuno says "premium" they absolutely mean it with the materials used here. The heel is noticeably supportive and the classic Mizuno firmness is apparent. 

The Run

While running, the Horizon capitalizes on the new L-shaped-fan of plastic in the heel. You feel cushioned from the time you stand up to the time you press "stop" on your watch. The breathable upper flexes with your foot and allows for a smooth toe off. If you like other cushioned support shoes like the Asics Kayano or Saucony Hurricane, then the Wave Horizon is a must to add to your list. The supremely supportive feel and durable materials make this a great option for longer runs. 

Convinced that you gotta have this shoe? Then check it out in Griffin and Dark Shadow for men and Diva Pink and Silver/Diva Pink for women in our online store. And also feel free to stop by your local CRC to try on the Wave Horizon and learn more about what this shoe has to offer.

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Evan Schwartz spends his time running the roads of central Ohio and managing the Short North CRC. When he isn't brainstorming the "next great thing," he is geeking out over all things running shoes.

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