New Shoe Review: Vengeful from Adidas

Adidas Footwear Launch

The Vengeful is a new shoe from Adidas and one of the newest shoes on the shelf at your local CRC. This lightweight stability model offers support for your stride without feeling bulky, and it can handle all of the mileage you've got planned in your training log.

The Details

Adidas capitalizes on their premium Boost technology to provide you with a bouncy step that will continue to cushion you through the lifespan of the shoe. The outsole of the Vengeful is made with Adiwear rubber instead of the Continental tire tread found in other Adidas models. This rubber is a bit lighter and slightly less durable than the tire tread Adidas outfits some of their shoes with, but no worries: Adiwear is equal to all other brands in terms of durability.

The midsole contains a large wedge of Stableframe to provide support throughout the step. Stableframe is an insert of EVA foam that is more rigid than Boost and guides your foot forward if you overpronate. The upper is an asymmetrical design that not only gives the shoe a unique pattern but aids in supporting your foot through your gait. 

The Fit

The most immediately noticeable feature of the Vengeful is the prominent room in the toe box. The shoe doesn't necessarily fit wide, but it leaves room for your toes to spread out and not feel like they're cramped. To put it plain and simple: the Vengeful is a very comfortable shoe. The laces provide a secure lockdown so you feel supported and the heel material is soft, which reduces the chance of irritation.


Similar Shoes

If you've worn anything from Adidas and are a fan of Boost cushioning, then the Vengeful should be a shoe for you to check out. The support in the shoe felt similar to the Nike Structure and I was very surprised to feel that the Vengeful had a similar underfoot ride to the HOKA Clifton!

The Feel

While running or walking, you should notice the Boost midsole providing excellent cushion on first impact. If you do overpronate, your foot will be guided in a straight line with the Stableframe post. The push off feels smooth and fluid.

So if you've had success with Adidas running shoes in the past and are looking for a light stability shoe, then check this model out in Visgre or Conavy for women and Grey/Blue or Grey for men through our online store. Overall, the Vengeful is a great option if you've been searching for smooth and lightweight support. We're here to talk about what else the Vengeful has to offer at your nearest CRC.

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Evan Schwartz spends his time running the roads of central Ohio and managing the Short North CRC. When he isn't brainstorming the "next great thing," he is geeking out over all things running shoes.

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