New Shoe Review: PureBoost DPR from adidas

Adidas unveils a brand new shoe with the men's-only PureBoost DPR. The DPR stands for "Deconstructed Pure Racer," but this shoe is made for more than racing. The DPR not only makes a great option for any races on your calendar; it also gets great marks in the looks department and is cushioned enough for your daily runs.

The Tech

The cushion in the DPR is comprised of the now standard Boost material, which is a plastic instead of regular foam. Boost offers greater energy return and gives a soft and springy feel, plus you'll typically get more durability out of a Boost midsole because the plastic takes longer to break down.
The forefoot of the shoe is a bit wider to support your foot without relying on a heavier traditional stability posting of plastic. The heel has what is referred to as a FITCOUNTER, or harder plastic piece, to ensure that your Achilles tendon is irritation-free. The outsole features STRETCHWEB rubber that flexes with your foot to ensure a comfortable and smooth ride.
The PureBoost DPR features a 8 mm heel-to-toe drop and weighs in at 9 oz. for a men's size 9.

The Fit

The upper in the shoe fits very comfortably, almost like a sock. The knit material wraps around your foot and provides good lock-down. The tongue is very thin and gives it a sleek aesthetic as well as a performance feeling. The toe feels open and the tiniest bit stretchy.

The Feel

Slipping this on, I was immediately surprised by how much I enjoyed this shoe. The midsole is made of 100% Boost so it feels more cushioned relative to other models with the same stack height (or total amount of cushion) under your foot. The lower drop in the shoe makes it feel closer to a lifestyle sneaker when walking around. The rubber on the bottom is semi-grippy, which is nice on slick surfaces.
Just wearing them for a minute and doing a light jog, you can feel the bounciness in them and really get an idea for how responsive they can be. I can absolutely tell that adidas intends for the DPR to be a street running shoe because it takes corners well and doesn't feel as bulky as some other daily trainers from other brands.

Similar Shoes

If you've liked anything else from adidas, such as the Boston Boost or Supernova Boost, you'll enjoy this for running. Looking for something casual to walk around in or wear to work? This would be a great option with its fashion-forward style and neutral colors (available in Black/Grey and Grey/Blue). If you want a racing shoe and but still want some cushioning, then this is one to definitely check out.
The PureBoost DPR makes a fantastic debut heading into summer and I expect to see quite a few people hitting the town on Friday night in a pair, as well as rocking a pair for group run at your local CRC the next morning.

* * * *

Evan Schwartz spends his time running the roads of central Ohio and managing the Short North CRC. When he isn't brainstorming the "next great thing," he is geeking out over all things running shoes.