New Shoe Review: Freedom ISO from Saucony

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Your feet will breathe a sigh of relief when you slip on the new Freedom ISO from Saucony. From top to bottom, this shoe is yet another innovative product that pushes the boundaries of what to expect from the major footwear brand. The Freedom ISO features an ISOFIT upper, full EVERUN midsole and crystalized rubber outsole. You might be thinking, "What does that even mean?!" Fear not. CRC has the answers.

The Details

The Freedom ISO continues the trend of the popular ISOFIT upper, which is exclusive to Saucony. The laces (bonus: there’s an extra pair in a different color in the box!) are threaded through the ISOFIT overlays, which provides an extremely customized fit. The overlay comfortably wraps around your foot, making the fit almost sock-like.

Next comes the super-plush EVERUN cushioning that makes up the midsole. This material, which is made from a type of plastic called TPU, is resilient, gives you better energy return, and is highly resistant to temperature changes. EVERUN adds bounce to your step and a consistent feeling of cushion through the lifespan of the shoe. 

The outsole features crystal rubber, a material that is both durable and clear. Saucony added a little style to the shoe by adding color to the typically transparent material.

The Run (reviewed by Short North group runner Elwood Ellis)

When it comes to running gear, I am a fierce loyalist. I’ve been wearing the Saucony Kinvara for several years now and love them. The current model was my introduction to EVERUN cushion technology with an insert in the heel.

I am an avid runner but by no means a shoe geek, so I didn’t think or know about things like energy return. With the Freedom ISO, my world has changed. The Freedom has EVERUN through the entire length of the shoe, which translates into fully loaded springboards that make you bound down the road like a wild gazelle. So that’s what energy return is!

I really like the thinner tongue and the lacing system. The shoe truly fits like a glove. The Freedom is a super-fast shoe that is primed to go the distance, too. I only have around 50 miles on them but they may just be my new go-to shoe.

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Evan Schwartz spends his time running the roads of central Ohio and managing the Short North CRC. When he isn't brainstorming the "next great thing," he is geeking out over all things running shoes.

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