Socks! Laces! Hydration! And More New Accessories at CRC

Mike Ward, the CRC accessories buyer, can spot an R8 roller from a mile away and can recite the differences between Feetures and Balega socks in his sleep. Here, he gives us a brief rundown on some new accessories at the shops.

* * *

Earlier this week we covered some new items you can find at the CRC that can make your body feel better as a whole. Today, we’ll cover some new additions that are a little more specific to certain parts of the body.

For Yo’ Feet/Legs

Xpand Laces - These beauties look just like “regular” flat shoe laces, but they’re elastic. This means two things for you: 1) more even pressure across the top of your foot, and 2) you’ll never need to tie your shoes! Who needs this? People with high in-steps, the fashion-forward runner, and the extremely-rushed or lazy individual.

  • Steigen Socks - What’s the big deal about running socks? Oh, nothing, just that THEY’RE THE SECOND THING ANY RUNNER SHOULD HAVE NEXT TO SHOES! Steigen (pronounced “STY-gen” if you want to say it right, “STEE-gen” if you want to say it like I did to our rep for, like, three months) socks are the thinnest sock we carry, while remaining incredibly soft. They come in multiple lengths from no-shows to crew, and come in white or black OR crazy-fun colors (if that’s your thing). And they’re one-size-fits-all. Genius! 
  • Who needs these? People who like thin socks that still feel plush.

  • c.e.p. Compression - We have carried this compression sock brand in the past, and c.e.p. is back with a new look, thinner fibers that are more breathable, and an improved fit on the foot (except in calf sleeves, obviously). Who needs these? People with circulation issues, runners who get sore lower-legs, frequent flyers, competitive runners who want any edge they can get.

    For Yo’ Head

  • Amphipod Versa Max “Headlamp” - The quotes here are my own. What’s neat about this headlamp is that it is essentially a super-bright clip-on light that is attached to an elastic headband. This means that you could use the light, say, on your waistband instead of your head, if you like. Sounds like one of those ideas that is so obvious that you could have thought of it, right? Well, you didn’t, and Amphipod did. And they brought it in at 160 lumens and a very affordable, $45 price point.
  •  Who needs this? Price-conscious, early-morning or late-night runners looking for versatile lighting option.


    For Yo’ Mouth

  • Amphipod Hydraform Soft-tech Handheld Water Bottle - Welcome to the new age of running water bottles. These soft bottles are super-light and don’t hold a particular shape. This means that the bottle “shrinks” while you drink to minimize sloshing in the bottle.
  •  Who needs this? People looking for the lightest handheld water bottle around.

  • Camelbak Circuit Vest - Last year we carried Camelbak’s Ultra 10 vest (and we will continue to do so), but it carries a lot of water--more than many people need--and it’s at a steeper price point. The Circuit Vest still carries a heck of a lot of water (1.5 L capacity), and is at a more reasonable price than other vests with similar features. It also comes in a women’s-specific fit, which is more rare than it should be for items like these. 
  • Who needs this? Runners who don’t like handhelds or carrying hydration in a belt. Runners looking for a lightweight, extremely breathable vest that fits well.