New Accessories at CRC This Spring

Mike Ward, the CRC accessories buyer, can spot an R8 roller from a mile away and can recite the differences between Feetures and Balega socks in his sleep. Here, he gives us a brief rundown on some new accessories at the shops.

* * *

Before we get into the new medical and therapy products for the spring, I just wanted to let you know that you and I are one and the same. When we saw the slushy, gross weather that February brought us, we put a smile on our face and said, “You’re not ready for ME, Mother Nature!” and then we put in 20 miles at a 6-minute pace. As I type this post, Columbus is being barraged with 60 mph winds. You know what we’re thinking? JUST AN OPPORTUNITY TO GET SOME “HILL WORK” IN ON FLAT GROUND! We don’t back down from anything. We welcome it.

What comes with an entire winter of tough training, though, is the need to mend some injuries here and there, and possibly stave off some injuries in waiting. CRC has brought in a few new products to help you with that.

TriggerPoint STK Grip and STK Fusion

First: they’re pronounced “Ess-Tee-Kay”. Not “stick” or “stk” (as in the sound you make when you throw up in your mouth a little bit). Second, they might share part of their name, but these are two very different products.

The STK Grip is your basic handheld stick roller. The steel core makes it a more durable and more effective massage tool than some others on the market, but the smooth roller surface makes it a little less jarring than TriggerPoint’s sister product that we already carry, simply called the STK.

The STK Fusion is an all-in-one solution that features myriad ways to customize the device. In the box, you get three pairs of massage balls: one pair of typical massage balls and two pairs of what TriggerPoint calls “Charge Rollers” which are designed to stretch and relax muscles and soft tissue as you roll them out. It also comes with a steel-core stick (you can add and remove the massage balls from the stick) and a set of stands. This allows you to use the stick as a traditional massage stick, but with customizable parts, or you can set the stick on the stands and use it more like a foam roller. Your muscles are thanking you for just thinking about it!


At the CRC, by popular demand! Now, you might be saying to yourself, “I’ve seen other kinesio tapes. They’re all the same.” Well, I’ve got sour news for you, Jack--they are NOT the same!

What are these extremely important differences, you ask? Well, without boring you too much with a lot of tech, the major difference between RockTape and their competitors is that RockTape is more flexible, but also has better elasticity. This means that you can stretch the heck out of it over and over, but it will return to its normal shape more effectively and consistently--and this means your muscles are getting better support when they need it.

Also, in what should be the biggest no-brainer in the world, RockTape comes in pre-cut strips, but also comes in uncut rolls. Yes, pre-cut tape is more convenient, but a man who is 6’6” with IT band issues is going to need a different length of tape than a 4’10” middle school girl with the same issue. We are all different, so it doesn’t make sense that our kinesio tape would all come in one size, right?

There you have it.  With all these new products you can feel safe going out there and continuing to beat yourself up, day-in and day-out!