Get Ready for the Manpri Grand Prix: Part Deux


It's a fact among women that capris are perhaps the greatest piece of running apparel that they can wear. There is no reason that men can't enjoy the 3/4 tight as well. So men (and ladies for that matter), please join us for the second running of the Manpri Grand Prix on Monday, December 19th, 6:30 p.m., at the CRC Westerville location. We will prove that 3/4 tights are the most versatile piece of athletic apparel as we head out for a run, no matter the weather.

Our route will be about 4 miles as we go through Uptown Westerville to the bike path, west on County Line, south on Cleveland by the community center, and then up Main St. through Otterbein's campus. There are a couple of parks we can hit along the way if you'd like to extend the run. Our route achieves maximum exposure as we publicly proclaim our quest to make manpris popular among all sexes on this earth.

Men, if you do not have capris, the CRC currently stocks an excellent Adidas 3/4 tight, as well as two custom CRC styles: Bold Black and Gold or All the Way Red and Gray.

Lastly, sometimes men need a little extra protection for their extras. The CRC also carries windproof boxer briefs! And we just started stocking the amazing brand 2Undr, complete with the #joeypouch to prevent chafing and cradle you just right on your run.

Post-run adult beverages and light snacks will be provided in a manly way, likely in a tray of cheese and crackers quickly picked up from the local grocery or gas station. Women are invited, of course, but everyone better be rocking their capris. That's what we are about. 

Event Details

Manpri Grand Prix Run #2
CRC Westerville
Monday Dec. 19th @ 6:30 p.m.

No RSVP required

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