Holly Jolly Holidays at CRC

Santa already came down the chimney at CRC, and he brought a sleigh's worth of new holiday gear.  Do you like Goodr?  How about TWO new holiday styles?  Like Brooks?  How about the holliest, jolliest Ugly Sweater shirts and hat ever?  Happy holidays!


The holidays begin with Thanksgiving, and we're starting off with the latest style from Goodr.  Carl's Idiot Cousin is covered in turkey, which is how we feel after the Turkey Trot and that big annual dinner.  Like all Goodr styles, Carl's Idiot Cousin features polarized lenses and a perfect fit.  Wear these to Thanksgiving with Grandma or year round if you're a big poultry fan. 

Not content with just one Goodr holiday style?  Well grab the eggnog and thank those happy elves for producing a second festive option.  Hang some mistletoe over these polarized sunglasses, we love 'em that much.   


We know the dilemma.  You're sitting by the hearth, cozy in your ugly holiday sweater, when suddenly you get that itch.  The itch to run.  If only that scratchy wool sweater was more runner friendly.  Well my friend, you're in luck.  The Brooks Ugly Sweater LS is the tech running top that you've been dreaming of.  It comes in both men's and women's cuts, and you'll be the hit of the next ugly sweater party with this beauty.  They say that the "LS" in the item's name stands for "Long Sleeve," but we know it's really "Looking Sweeeeeeeeeet."

When you're wearing your Ugly Sweater LS, your head is bound to become jealous of your torso.  We can't have that.  Make your head happy with the Ugly Sweater Beanie, featuring our favorite knit graphic of all time - a hot chocolate mug...with legs...on the run.  Wear the beanie on your next run to stay just as hot.