CRC's Holiday Gift Guide: Under $50

There are plenty of ways to treat the runner in your life this holiday season while still leaving room in the budget for a couple new pairs of Feetures! socks for yourself. We've collected a few here to get started, but be sure to visit our shops for even more options and advice!
Goodr Running Sunglasses ($25): Even though we're heading into the winter months, we know that sunny, snowy days can still be blinding. Plus, Goodr sunglasses are still fun in the winter. No slip, no bounce, UVA/UVB protection. For $25, you can't go wrong.
Brilliant Reflective Strips ($14.95): On those days when it's way too cold for Safety Skin, you have the option of using Brilliant Reflective Strips. These strips go on clothing or equipment, and they're super-bright. They will stay on through washings if they are on clothes.
Headlamps ($20-$40): We have two very affordable headlamp options from Black Diamond (Astro at $20, and the rechargeable Iota at $40). We also carry the Daylight Clip from Duravision at our shops. The Daylight Clip attaches to a waistband for those who don't want to wear something on their head ($25).
The Marathon Stick or TriggerPoint GRID STK ($31.99-$34.99): Knot-free muscles are happy muscles, and both of these rollers are great options for pre- or post-run sessions. The Marathon Stick offers a little more flexibility, while the grooves in the GRID STK provide a slightly deeper massage.