CRC Holiday Gift Guide: Over $50

What do you get the runner who seems to have everything? It could be one of the unique gifts we've rounded up here. From headphones that won't fall out mid-run to a different spin on the traditional headlamp to a new way to roll out, here are a few items we're excited about this season.
AFTERSHOKZ! ($99.95): Why are these listed in bold, all caps and with an exclamation point? Because these things are awesome for many, many reasons. Bluetooth. Two-year warranty. They fit everyone. Cool colors (including new RED). Good for people that run. Also good for people that don't run. Seriously, you need to try AfterShokz.
Knuckle Lights ($60): More lumens mean a brighter light, and with 280 lumens, Knuckle Lights are one of the best ways to be seen during dark winter workouts. Knuckle Lights are worn on your hands, which is good for anyone who is bothered by headlamps. Plus, they're rechargeable!
Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp ($79.95): The Sprinter comes with a removable strap that goes down the middle of your head, which makes it much more secure than other headlamp options. This rechargeable lamp also has a red LED light in the back for added visibility. 
Roll Recovery R8 ($119): A lot of the time, people are coming into the running store because they want something unique for the runner in their life. This is probably the most unique thing that virtually any runner could use. The R8 essentially offers as close to a deep tissue massage as you can get without seeing an actual masseuse.
The Garmin Cornucopia: Garmins make great gifts—and they're also very much on sale for the holidays. 
1) Forerunner 35 - $169.99, $30 off
2) Forerunner 235 - $269.99, $30 off
3) vivoactive 3 - $249.99-279.99, $50 off
4) Fenix 5 - $499.99-749.99, $100 off