Introducing Diadora, the Newest Brand at CRC

CRC is excited to announce our newest brand, Diadora! If you grew up playing soccer you might be somewhat familiar with this brand, but read on to learn about what makes this brand unique and worth trying on. 

Diadora, which means "by means of gifts" in Italian, was founded in 1948 in Italy by Marcello Danieli. He started manufacturing handcrafted shoes for activities like mountain climbing and skiing before moving on to more athletic style shoes. The company saw a lot of success in the 1970s when they became more popular in the soccer industry.
CRC is offering two models out of the gate from Diadora, which both contain a material called Blushield. This technology is embedded in the midsole and provides adaptive cushion to your foot by flexing and providing softness where you need it.
The first model is the Blushield 2, which retails at $140. This trainer is a higher cushion mid-weight option. The upper features a seamless mesh to move with you foot while the heel remains structure. The outsole features a full rubber to provide increased traction and durability.
The second model is the Blushield Fly, which retails at $125. This option is the slightly lighter weight option. The upper is a very thin and lightweight material with strong overlays to provide structure through your stride. The outsole also features full rubber like the Bluehield 2.
So what does Diadora feel like? In a word, unique! The Blushield cushioning is very different from other brands. The cushion seems to move along with where you foot puts pressure and it feels very natural and smooth. CRC is glad to mix it up and bring in a new brand to give you another option to try!
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Evan Schwartz spends his time running the roads of central Ohio and managing the Short North CRC. When he isn't brainstorming the "next great thing," he is geeking out over all things running shoes.

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