C.R. Staff: Matt DeLeon

CRC Staff

Why CRC?  Turning a hobby and passion into a profession, and doing it with friends, is a unique opportunity. It’s also nice to be a part of something that can have an impact on the local community and individual lives. I’m sure we can be a bit hard on staff at times with our customer service expectations and all the programs and side projects we have, but I hope staff feel respected, valuable, and that they are part of something bigger. Not only part of it, but contributing and growing themselves through the process as well. The CRC is constantly changing and evolving, and it’s largely a reflection and due to the people that work here.

Favorite place to run in Ohio?  I live in Westerville. As bland as it sounds, the bike paths in and around Westerville have never bored me. I like running in Westerville.  Highbanks is probably my favorite local metro-park. I’m probably my happiest when running on rolling country roads. My favorite routes aren’t too far away in southern Indiana in places like Greencastle and Greensburg.

Favorite running shoe & why?  Mizuno Wave Rider was my shoe for over 10 years, and still is in my regular rotation. It’s always been the perfect balance of cushioning and responsiveness for my runs. However, recently I’ve been enjoying more shoes with a lower heel to toe drop – primarily shoes such as the Saucony Zealot and Triumph, as well as the Hoka Clayton, Tracer, and Clifton.  If you run regularly, I’m a definite fan of having a few shoes in your arsenal.

Fun fact?  Funny thing is, there just isn’t anything funny about me. I’m serious. On a serious note, men’s running capris will be the next big thing here in central Ohio. Coming this fall to the CRC. (Editor’s note: Matt’s talking about the Manpri Grand Prix. You should check it out.)

Favorite post-run treat? Post-morning run: a big fruit smoothie. Post-evening run: a cold beer.

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