C.R. Staff: Lisa Dillahunt

CRC Staff

Why CRC? They allow me to “live the dream.”  Seriously, in my many years of working, this has by far been the most fun job that I have had.  I love how CRC is not just another run specialty store.  In my job I have the opportunity to tell the CRC story, and it is a great one to tell!  Their passion for supporting the community was and continues to be a big draw for me.  Also, I love the energy of the staff.  They are fun to work with and fun to watch as they interact with customers in a genuine way.

Favorite place to run in Ohio?   I don’t have a specific favorite.  I really enjoy trying out new trails.  Central Ohio has some great ones!

Favorite running shoe & why?  I love the Hoka Bondi.  They give me great support while still being really cushy.  After a marathon, I feel like my recovery time is a lot less.

 Fun fact:  I lived in London, England when I was 4 – 6 years old and went to an all-girls English school.  We had to ride the subway to and from school, which I did with my two older sisters (7 and 9), and we did this by ourselves.  That would never happen today!

 Favorite post-run treat:  I should say something healthy like low fat chocolate milk (which I do love), but my real answer is either ice cream or, if it’s a marathon, a Five Guys burger and fries!

Lisa Dillahunt as told by Hannah Hartzell: There’s this terribly confusing staff joke about Lisa’s name being Linda.  I’m still not entirely sure her name is truly Lisa, but I do know that she is such an incredibly kind person!  Lisa has a heart for others and is also a great person to have around when you’re taking photos with sparklers and need someone to prevent a forest fire.  You rock, Lisa!

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