C.R. Staff: Lauren Davis

CRC Staff

Why CRC? What a great, local company to work for!  The owners are amazing, the staff is fun, and it’s unique to Columbus which gives people a great reason to support it – and why I love it.  I love running and everything that has to do with it, so it’s awesome to be able to be around the store and a staff that loves it as much as I do.

Favorite place to run in Ohio? Any metro park and trail!  Columbus specifically, I love running the downtown riverfront.

Favorite running shoe & why? As of late, the Brooks Launch.  I used it during training for my first full marathon last year, so it’s nostalgic for that reason.  I just love its softness and light feeling while giving me the cushy feeling I want.  Plus, it’s not bad in terms of style.

 Fun fact? I’m a twin.  Definitely not identical to my twin sister who has all opposite features of me, so you’d never guess it.

 Favorite post-run treat? I love a good smoothie and peanut butter toast OR an egg scramble with as many veggies as I can get.  If we’re talking much later post-run…a good beer, especially an IPA.

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