C R Staff: Kristi Aiken

CRC Staff

Why CRC? CRC is a wonderful local company run by great owners and staff. The CRC family is knowledgeable, caring, inspiring and always seeks to make the customer experience a great one. It's fun for me to be able to help people with general running/walking needs and those who are looking to achieve more.

Where’s your favorite place to run in Ohio? There are so many great places to run and I like good scenery. In Columbus, Highbanks Metro Park is fun and the paths through New Albany are great too!

Favorite running shoe & why? I've always liked the lightness and 4mm drop of the Saucony Kinvara (I've had every version!). Most recently, I've enjoyed running in the Hoka Clayton and Clifton 3 as well.

Fun fact? I've had 6 knee surgeries on one knee due to sports injuries in my high school years. I had to re-learn to walk three times in my adult life! I'm a huge proponent of cross training and keeping things fun. I love coaching others to reach their goals, and today I cycle, swim, golf, play tennis and of course, run!

Favorite post-run treat? Pizza, beer, and friends to enjoy it!

Kristi Aiken as told by Eric Fruth: Kristi's eclectic background gives her a wealth of experience that she can draw whenever she'd talking with someone or helping someone in the store.  She's done a little bit of everything, and I think that makes her really approachable for absolutely everyone.

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