C.R. Staff: Joey Mayo

CRC Staff

1) Why CRC?  There wasn't a background check, so that was a plus.

2) Favorite place to run in Ohio?  Westerville. Recently I've been routing my runs through Otterbein's campus. It's a beautiful campus, but I do keep my head on a swivel ever since the eight Mad Squirrel attacks. Even though the squirrel attacks have stopped, I think we all know that squirrel is still out there lurking in the shadows. Be safe out there.

3) Favorite running shoe and why? Asics Nimbus. I've always gravitated towards the soft shoes with maximum cushioning. The Asics Nimbus is just that

4) What is an interesting fact about you? Mike Ward and I eat pizza every Monday. We call it Pizza Monday. Sometimes Pizza Monday happens on a Thursday and it's still called Pizza Monday. We are on a quest to try every non-chain pizza establishment in Columbus. We get the DeLeon special, which is pepperoni, pineapple and jalapeños. If you have pizza suggestions please send them to jmayo@columbusrunninng.com

5) Favorite post-run treat? Donuts from Schneider's Bakery. I prefer the cake donut with chocolate on top.

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