C.R. Staff: Evan Schwartz

CRC Staff

Why CRC? I was cut from the Ohio State Cross Country team for being too slow for the coach’s standard during my Sophomore year of college. Rather than give in and quit, I continued training by myself and running unattached in road races. I had always been friendly with the CRC guys who were running the same events and I eventually reached out to see if they would let me join. Luckily they accepted me with open arms and shortly after I picked up a part time position at CRC while finishing my degree at OSU. I’ve moved up to managing the Short North store and couldn’t ask for anything else!

Favorite place to run in Ohio? I’m pretty partial to Whetstone Park of Roses. I went to high school at Whetstone so I’ve put more mileage on that section of the bike path and park than probably anywhere else in the city. I love being able to run on the softer surfaces and have such a great training ground only two miles from my door. 

Favorite running shoe and why? I am a huge fan of the Adidas Tempo Boost. It is a lighter weight stability shoe so it doesn’t feel heavy or clunky and still gives support. It is my go-to for long runs because it feels so bouncy and responsive and the materials in the shoe (Boost Midsole and Continental Tire Outsole) are incredibly durable, which is another big plus. 

Fun fact? In 2016 I challenged myself to read a book a week through the year. I’m a tiny bit behind but I’ve learned a lot about subjects I never thought I would be interested in. 

Favorite post run treat? Coffee and either a stack of pancakes or bowl of oatmeal with fruit. 

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