C.R. Staff: Andy Harris

CRC Staff

Why CRC? The staff and customers are like a second family.

Favorite place to run in Ohio? The Emerald Parkway Hill. I think hills make you strong so I don’t shy away from them.

Favorite running shoe & why?
The Hoka Clifton. It’s lightweight, cushioned and versatile. I’ve run mile and marathon PRs in that shoe.

Fun fact? I’ve run 8 marathons and none have been in the state of Ohio.

Favorite post-run treat? Chocolate milk.

Andy Harris as told by Matt DeLeon: Andy is a chirping cricket flying in the wind. All the other crickets are on the ground looking up at him. Do you know how crickets make noise? It’s not with their legs. While sitting on the ground, they actually rub their wings together. Google it. So how can Andy fly and chirp at the same time? I don’t know.  He just does. And that’s why he is the best race timer in the world. 

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