Columbus Running Company
Race Timing

The Columbus Running Company's Race Timing division offers services to help you put on a successful road race or cross country meet. Electronic timing, logistics, and planning are our expertise, and our equipment and knowledge help you create a memorable and successful event. However what makes us the best at what we do is our attention not only to the event itself, but the runners and walkers who participate in them. The individuals who head up our timing services have competed on the track, on the road, in cross country, in the Olympic Trials, and in marathons across the world. Understanding and keeping true to what participants benefit from keeps your event growing year after year.

A potion of our events fall under our Columbus Running Company Charity Fund umbrella, which is our non-profit designed to help charity organizations create quality road races with both the athlete and charity in mind. We primarily operate these events with our own fantastic CRC volunteers. We have a limited number of events per year we are able to add as a CRCCF event. Check them out because they are gems!

For more details on our services, events, or general advice on putting on a road race please contact us through our Contact Us page. Otherwise, reach Andy Harris at the Columbus Running Company. You can find the numbers for all of our stores on the location pages. Thanks.