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The Columbus Running Company offers in house nutrition and dietician services! Stephanie Hillman, R.D., L.D., is available to help you with a range of goals you may have. As a runner and athlete herself she understands how proper nutrition plays a vital role in your success. See below for more information from Stephanie!

To set up an appointment, contact

Stephanie Hillman, R.D., L.D.
Phone 614-565-2487 or email shillman at
Her office is located in the Westerville store, but she is willing to meet you at any one of our current locations. To purchase a gift card to see Stephanie, simply follow instructions here.

Dietician prices

1 Hour: $50       30 Minutes: $35

A message from Stephanie:

Whether training for the next big race, or just heading out the door for the simple pleasure of pounding the pavement for health and wellness benefits, nutrition plays a major role in the life of an active walker or runner. And while it is well known that a precious combination of hard workouts and long aerobic efforts all have their place in a training regimen in order to improve overall fitness and performance, fueling and hydration are often overlooked. Think of it as the last piece of the puzzle; you’ve put in the work, gotten enough rest, and even stocked up with plenty of food to satisfy that monster appetite….but without proper nutrition, the puzzle can never truly be complete.

Nutritianist You may have heard of the mysterious “gels” that everyone seems to eat during runs, and you might have even tried some of them yourself and noticed an improvement in your energy during a run. But think about what happens after your workouts: Ever wake up the day after a long run/walk, or a particularly tough workout or race and feel like you lack the energy to make it through the day? Or perhaps your body and muscles feel completely drained and you can’t seem to achieve the results you are hoping for in your next workout? While it might be as simple as slowing down the intensity and pace to allow true recovery on those days between hard efforts, there may be more to it—you might need to take a good look at your hydration and your recovery meal. Just like the engine in a car, it takes fuel (and the right kind of fuel) to keep it running properly. So while adequate calories in general are necessary to fuel the body for activity, it’s the details that often get neglected (look at the “what” instead of just “how much”).

A proper nutrition and hydration plan can have the following benefits:

  • Ability to train longer and harder by having enough energy to fuel that engine
  • Improved recovery and reduced fatigue to gain optimal benefits from workouts
  • Reduced incidence of injury and illness, as well as improved healing
  • Prevention of nutrient deficiencies and dehydration
  • Weight management
  • Long-term healthy habits for a lifetime!
Remember, the actual miles put into training are what prepare you for that goal race, but what goes into your body to get it through the workouts and recover afterwards is just as important. As a matter of fact, the better care you take of your body while training as well as in your daily life, and the more attention you put into what you are consuming, the better your body will perform as a result. But overall, maintaining a healthy weight and eating a well-balanced diet is the best recipe for a long and healthy life!

Call or email Stephanie to set up an appointment. Business cards are available in all of our stores. Get on your way to feeling great!