Columbus Running Company

Entry level standards to join the CRC Elite

The Columbus Running Company is proud to support those dedicated to the sport of running. Members of the Columbus Running Company Store Team train hard, practice good sportsmanship, and do their best to promote goodwill in the running community to foster and develop the sport. The team is a USATF club, and financially supported by the Columbus Running Company. We attend individual and team events, on the local and national levels. If you are interested in the above and progressing your own talent while training with others, team CRC may be a good fit for you.


Red Team
Event Men's Women's
800 1:55 2:15
1500 4:07 5:00
Mile 4:25 5:20
3000 8:58 10:49
3000SC 9:34 11:33
5000 15:45 19:00
10000 32:43 39:28
Ten-Mile 54:40 1:05:57
Half-Marathon 1:12:55 1:27:58
Marathon 2:33:28 3:05:08

Q. Does the team do workouts together?
A. Yes. Monday nights at 6:30 we meet at the Westerville store for an easy run, usually 8-12 miles. It's open to the public. In general, the CRC's running club, the Pacers, host track workouts on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Other workout times and places are up to members.

Q. Does the CRC Elite get product and travel/race expenses taken care of?
A. Yes. We have a three tier system, with each tier rewarding members with different amounts of product and reimbursement. Each tier has a qualifying standard. If you exceed your tier allotment, you still always receive 40% off purchases in the store. We do have a couple team based events built into our budget. For 2014 this includes the Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago and USATF Club Cross Country in PA. Entry fees and lodging are taken care of by the CRC. The ultimate discretion is up to the CRC owners.

Q. How current do my times have to be to qualify for CRC Elite?
A. To join you must have met a standard within the previous six months. Once you hit a standard, you are set for the remainder of the calendar year. When the year changes, you'll need to have hit a standard within the previous six months. All new members begin in the lowest tier. Once you run a new time in the CRC jersey, you'll be placed in your designated tier.

Q. Do you have a Masters team?
A. No, but if you are active in CRC store events or wear a CRC jersey in races during the year, we'd be happy to include you in our plans for an event like USATF Club XC. The more teams the better!

Q. Do you provide coaching?
A. We have options. Any of the CRC owners can help you build a plan towards a certain goal. A few of our members also work with a local certified coach, and we can get you in touch if needed.


Cat of Death Dear other team member:

You think you got what it takes to hang? You got a little muscle in your stew? You swinging the big boy bat? You wanna ride the wallup wagon? Do you brownstone the burgundy beef? You ever tasted the tainted tenderness? You ever cook in the fartlek inferno?

If you answered yes or no to any of these questions and want to throw down on the roads, track or trails, then we invite you to step into the realm of racing CRC style. If you've got a challenge, then we'll do our best to take it on. Stop by the store, give us a call, or email us via our Contact Us page. BAM!