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Massage Therapy

The Columbus Running Company Dublin location now offers in house deep tissue massage services. Massage is exploding in popularity for athletes as a means to alleviate and prevent injury, aid recovery, and feel fresh. Members of our store running team enjoyed Catherine's services so much we invited them to have a space in our store. She is available available for you!

Check out Catherine's full website here or read below for more info on her CRC services.

Catherine also offers a personalized stretching session! See below for details.

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To set up an appointment, contact:

Catherine McMonigle, LMT
Phone 614-425-4685 or email catherine at

For many runners, especially those “in training”, whether it be for a PR, a 10K or a marathon, massage needs to be thought of as more than just a luxury. It can be a very important part of your personal training plan. When it comes to working towards a goal, how you take care of you body is just as important as the workouts that get you to the starting line. And the better care you take of you body while training, the better your body will perform for you.

We all know that there are certain nutritional rules to abide by to run at our optimal level, such as proper hydration and getting the right about of carbohydrates and protein to fuel our muscles. We also know that sleep is incredibly important when putting in all those extra miles. But have you ever thought about what could happen when you neglect that nagging pain in your hamstrings or iliotibial band? Have you ever wondered how much your workouts would improve if you could just get over that “heavy” leg feeling? And how nice would it be to have someone else do your stretching for you?!

The following list outlines just some of the benefits of massage for runners. Of course, there are times when a relaxing massage is all you may want or need – and that’s great! - but if you are putting in the miles and want to take the best possible care of your muscles and body, consider the following…

Massage for runners is important for the following reasons:

  1. Reduces muscle tension and fatigue by increasing circulation (blood, oxygen, and nutrients) in the muscles.
  2. Helps to flush out lactic acid in the muscles which is produced while running. Lactic acid that is left to build up in the muscles can cause “heavy” legs and soreness over time.
  3. Promotes increased joint flexibility and range of motion, which is important to help maintain a balanced gait and stride while running.
  4. Increases muscle flexibility, therefore reducing the risk of developing an injury.
  5. Specific “spot work” massage is beneficial in breaking up scar tissue from previous injuries and general overuse of the muscles.

Massage Prices

45 Minutes: $55       60 Minutes: $70

(60 minutes includes optional 10 minute personalized stretching session)

Personalized Stretching Session

New to the CRC menu of Wellness Services, a Personalized Stretching Session & consultation is the perfect adjunct to rounding out your running or walking regimen. Along with massage therapy, committing to a regular stretching routine can significantly enhance your training and racing performance. This is especially beneficial during the colder months when muscles tend to take longer to warm up.

30 minutes - $30 plus tax
When added to a massage session - $20 plus tax

(must be scheduled at same time as massage appointment)

Call or email Catherine to set up an appointment. Business cards are available at the front desk. Get on your way to feeling great!